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 Updated/Verified: 7 July 2009 
 This site is not updated and links may now redirect to unknown 3rd party sites 

To the best of my knowledge, this is the most complete and up-to-date listing of Halifax, Nova Scotia webcams on the Internet. If you know of any new URLs for Metropolitan Halifax webcams, please forward them to me at

In the mid-1980s I got to see the view from the roof of Fenwick Place and could only describe it to other people; now I'm lucky enough to run a live camera from there for Chebucto Community Net.

It is hard to keep a webcam running and webcams come and go. Even when you're determined to keep one running, there's a myriad of things that can go wrong with them. So if one of these links is dead today, it can be worth trying it tomorrow.



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 Currently Active Halifax Outdoors Webcams 

Chebucto's own Fenwick Tower Web Cam: A Halifax Harbour view from the tallest building in town!
Photo Essay: On Top Of Halifax: Working On The Chebucto Community Net Webcam December, 2004

Art Mosher's Bedford Basin Cam: Peaceful view looking South towards Halifax.

Brian Campbell's Bridge Cam: View of Halifax's MacKay Bridge looking south from the Halifax shore.

CBC's Halifax Harbour Cam: A roving view from the Dartmouth side of the Harbour provided by CBC Nova Scotia.

Dalhousie University Cams:

Osprey Cam: Live view of a nest of Ospreys, the Nova Scotia Provincial Bird, hosted by the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. Available Spring to Fall.

Peggy's Cove Cam: Excellent live view of one of Nova Scotia's most picturesque landmarks, the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove.

Stanley Park Cam: Outdoor cam looking out on Medina Court and the Stanley Park Soccer Field.

Princess Cruises Bridge Cams: Live webcam views from the Princess Cruise Line fleet, which counts as a part-time Halifax web cam when one of the fleet is in town. 2009 Halifax Cruise Ship schedule.


 Currently Active Halifax Indoors Webcams 

Dalhousie University Cams:


 Other Webcams 

Tradewinds Realty Cams: Still and streaming video views of Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. [New!]

Nova Scotia Dept. of Transportation Highway Webcams

Newfoundland and Labrador Highway Webcams

Prince Edward Island Highway Webcams

New Brunswick Dept. of Transportation Highway Webcams

Québec Highway Webcams [New!]     En français [New!]

Ontario Traffic and Assorted Webcams [New!]

CAA/AMA Alberta Highway Webcams [New!]

British Columbia Highway Webcams [New!]

Web Cameras Around The World.


 Panoramas (not live) 

These 360° views require QuickTime VR. Download it here  An incredible assortment of Quicktime VR shots showing 360° photographic panorama views of Earth locations and space landscapes.


 The Boneyard: Now Offline,  
 Halifax Webcams Active From 2000 - Now  

Spencer House CAP Site: View of CAP site located at Spencer House Seniors' Centre on Morris Street, Halifax.
Cam removed/offline

Fairview Port Cam: Cam overlooked the parking lot and main gate of the Fairview Terminal and Bayne Street on the north of the Halifax peninsula. Cam was run by the Port of Halifax.
Cam removed/offline

Halterm Cam: Overlooking the Halterm parking lot, Ogilvie Towers and the Young Avenue bridge close to Point Pleasant Park at the south eastern tip of the Halifax peninsula. Cam was run by the Port of Halifax.
Cam removed/offline Halifax Cam: View of the Neptune Theatre entrance looking south on Argyle Street, courtesy the Chronicle Herald's website.
Camera discontinued Fall, 2008.

Atlantic Media Institute Studio: Indoors streaming webcam showing the AMI Studio on Dutch Village Road in Halifax.
Camera offline Spring 2008. When last checked, link redirected to a personal webcam site.

FerrariMan's Bridge View: Live view of the MacDonald Bridge from FerrariMan's Portal on the Web.
Webcam taken down with server crash, January 2008.

Osprey Cam: Live view of a nest of Ospreys, the Nova Scotia Provincial Bird, hosted by the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.
Cam discontinued due to the osprey young being eaten by a great horned owl, July 2007

Glen Canning Cam: Outside cam for Halifax-based photographer Glen Canning.
Webcam page removed January, 2007.

View North from the Dalhousie University Central Services Building:
These camera views are believed to be permanently offline.
Still picture              Streaming video              Larger size streaming video

Saint Mary's University Sky Cams: Two views from the Burke-Gaffney Observatory on the roof of the Loyola Building; live Sky Cams run by the SMU Department of Astronomy and Physics.

An assortment of Quicktime VR shots by Joe Adams of including several Halifax South End locations.

Saint Mary's University Cam: View now shows St Mary's Huskie Field as seen from the Loyola Residence. Cam operated by Saint Mary's ITSS. Cam broken, awaiting replacement. Site suspended.

bluegirl's virtual apartment: Art exhibit ending in early September has a roaming webcam. Camera offline.

South Woodside CAPsite Cam: Was a 30 second update interior cam looking at the Community Access Program site located in the South Woodside Community Centre on the Dartmouth side of the Harbour. Cam apparently gone for good.

Queen Street Cam: Once was a Java-based streaming web cam with a view of Queen Street. Now it is apparently a no-longer-updating personal cam hosted by OuterSurf.Com. Now considered inactive.

Nick Doyle's Interior Cam: Webcam no longer a Halifax-based webcam.

Willow Tree Cam: South East facing 30 second update cam by Paul Nurse which showed an overhead view of Halifax's famed Willow Tree intersection at Quinpool Road, Cogswell Street, Bell Road and Robie Street. View looked down Bell Road with the South part of Robie Street to the right. Camera is now offline.

Cow Bay Cam: Across the Harbour mouth from the Halifax peninsula are Eastern Passage and Cow Bay. Hosted by NovaPunk Internet Consulting. Cam offline, apparently permanently.

The Current View of Halifax Harbour: From the Dartmouth Waterfront. Camera (and site) are down, may come back at later date.

Dalhousie University Cam: View from the Physical Plant facing north. Image last updated May 28, 2001 at this writing. Camera no longer updating.

Halifax Weather Office views: One view overlooks the same wharf seen in the Dartmouth waterfront cam above. Camera is down.

MTT's Spring Garden Road Cam (Halifax, N.S.). Manual Refresh. Apparently non-operational now.

MTT's Halifax Harbour Cam Apparently non-operational.

Aliant's SkyCam: Now apparently shut down, this was a roving view of eight different Maritime cities, including Halifax.

View of Georges Island and Halifax Harbour. Apparently gone now.

The New Pizza Corner Cam showing the corner of Blowers St. and Grafton St. Apparently gone now.

These static panorama views
are now apparently offline.

Citadel Hill

Halifax Harbour

Halifax Harbour Boardwalk

Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial at Peggys Cove


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