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Today's Space News!  
From the Johnson Space Center, Houston.  

Views of the neighborhood:                                   

Current Satellite View of Canada and the United States

Current Satellite Views Of The Entire Earth, Current Global Weather Map, and
Another Global Weather Map

Earth And Moon Viewer: Computed views of the Earth and Moon and incredible software downloads including the amazing Home Planet software. Recommended! Download updated satellite tracking data here. [New!]

Tour The Solar System.

Look at the Sun: New images several times daily from observatories around the world.

The Current Best Map Of Pluto and Charon: Until someone sends a probe there, this is as good as it is going to get.

The Search for Extrasolar Planets [New!]

The Hubble Space Telescope: Latest images.

The Astronomy Picture Of The Day Archive



Missions To The Unknown:                                         


U.S. Space Shuttle Flight Status Reports.

Russian Mir Space Station News

The International Space Station: Overview and News And Current Live Camera View. .

The Clementine Lunar Probe: The U.S. Navy mission that discovered water on the Moon. View lunar features close up here.

Lunar Prospector: Purposefully crashed into the lunar south pole. It has confirmed that water exists in quantity at the north and south lunar poles. [New!]

Silver Moon: The Apollo 17 Mission: An excellent retrospective by Kelly O. Humphries of NASA's Public Affairs Office featuring interviews and photos from the last manned lunar mission, now twenty five years in the past.

The Mars Polar Lander: Landed near the South Pole of Mars December 3, 1999. Main site [New!]

The Mars Pathfinder Mission: The JPL Pathfinder Home Page, Overview, and Picture Archive.

The Martian Global Surveyor: Overview, Current Flight Status, Latest Pictures, and Realtime Telemetry!

Deep Space 1: Launched October 24 1998, it is the first of NASA's New Millenium advanced technology probes. Mission goals include flybys of Mars, asteroid McAuliffe and comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura. [New!]

Stardust: Launched February 7 1999 to collect samples from comet Wild 2 and return them to Earth in 2006. [New!]


The Galileo Probe: Overview And Current Flight Status.

The Cassini Mission: Overview and recent camera views (including launch movies).

Voyager: Currently Voyager I and II are the most distant manmade objects.



Space Agencies And Other Dreamers:                                 

NASA: The space standard bearers. Search all NASA sites![New!]

The Canadian Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA): Home Page, Missions, and Links to Other Space Agencies.

The Russian Space Research Institute (IKI) in Moscow, Russia.

The P.E.R.M.A.N.E.N.T. Space Site: Projects to Employ Resources of the Moon and Asteroids Near Earth in the Near Term. That says it all. Space Settlement fans should note the PERMANENT Links to Related Sites, a valuable collection of up-to-date space sites.

SETI@home: You can help out the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence on your own home computer and be a contributing part of one of Mankind's greatest quests. Put those unused CPU cycles to work on a good cause.

Clive Bagley's Astronomical Resources

Want to go into space yourself? Zegrahm Expeditions says they'll soon be able to put you into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) commercially. Price? A frosty $96,000 for 3 ½ hours at an altitude of some 100 miles.

Drive across the lunar surface! LunaCorp and the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University are planning to operate two robotic lunar rovers linked to ground control to be driven by average people. Current plans call for launching in 2002 to investigate the lunar polar ice deposits followed by the publicly driven rovers which will trek 1000 miles across the Sea of Tranquility.

Applied Space Resources, Inc. are another private enterprise venture with big ideas. Their first stated goal is to send an unmanned probe to the Moon to retrieve lunar rock for sale here on Earth.

The Artemis Project: seeks to place a manned base on the Moon. [New!]

The Lunar Institute of Technology: has already staked out the crater Copernicus as the site for its campus.

The Lunar Base Quarterly: This scientific journal focuses on the nuts and bolts issues of constructing and maintaining a manned lunar base. Facts and figures galore here. [New!]

Michael Boschat's Astronomy Page [New!]



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