Need a Web Site?
Don't know HTML from ESPN?

                 Well, you've come to the right place!

                 I can do your personal or commercial site for you. Your site will be easy to read, fast to load, and look good on all the different browsers out there. Too many page designers go for the flashiest new tricks, things that only a few people can see and that slow down the loading of a page. A page that loads too slowly will simply not be seen; people don't wait around when they can go elsewhere.

                 You tell me what you want on your site and I'll put it there. I can use your text or write text to your specifications. I can design your page to be pleasing to the eye and informative at the same time.

Samples of my work:

Commercial Sites:

The Chebucto Inn.

Moe The Barber

Phoenix Career Services [New!]

The Realty Marketing Group.

Universal Products & Promotions

Information Sites:

The Chebucto Community Net Beacon.

Chebucto Plus   PPP Service

Urban CAP Focus Groups Site

Banner Ads

Chebucto Community Net #1 [New!]

Chebucto Community Net #2 [New!]

Tri-Mac Toyota for Tall Ships Web Cam page [New!]


                 For those people who would like advanced features on their site, I can write your page using frames (split screen - not viewable on all browsers), embed sound or music, provide javascript (short programs that run on the viewer's computer), or use any feature supported by your Internet Service Provider's cgi-bin.

                 In addition to making your web site, I can place it with the hottest search engines on the web. Getting people to know that you're there is as important as having a web site in the first place.

Then email me at and we can discuss your web needs.

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