Lately I've been listening to soundtracks a lot, mostly anime (Bleach!, Noir, Serial Experiment Lain, Hellsing), Murray Gold's Season 4 of Doctor Who, Ron Grainer's Omega Man and Barry Gray (Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, UFO).

         My most successful resolution to date has been to quit smoking after more than twenty years of indulging. 2 January 2011 marks the fourteen year point. Resolution 2005-2011 is to lose some excess weight and get in better physical shape, a challenge made necessary by the sedentary nature of computer work.

         My literary tastes are suitably eclectic; I'll try anything once. If you know Alonso Quexana, Bernie Rhodenbarr, Woodrow Wilson Smith, and the Stupid Rat Creatures, then good for you!


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