Eternal Life Download Area: Welcome!

                 This is the freeware version of the Eternal Life nano template program which will assemble a series of self replicating nanobots that will protect you from the effects of aging, disease and most injuries.

                 This is not immortality. Death can still occur through neglect, misadventure or catastrophic injury. Also, nano replication errors may occur over time which may compromise the effectiveness of this program. It is recommended that the full version, Eternal Life XKPro be purchased to prevent this and get additional features not present in this version of the program, such as MemoryFix, DermaFresh , and the PerFBoD Augmentation System.

                 Eternal Life will not be held responsible for any misuse or abuse of this program. A performance guarantee for this version of Eternal Life is held in the main domain of Fauxever.plt ensuring full worthiness of this program for a period of not less than ten years following certified completion of installation. Eternal Life will have limited liability as prescribed in the most recent version of Homo Legis in the case of improper nonuser induced installation. Eternal Life would be totally liable in case of failure of any mataglap prevention protocols.

                 So that's the deal; you're covered and we're covered.

Download Eternal Life Now! Thanks, but I prefer to age, sicken and die.