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Check Out Web Camera Views: Halifax, N.S. and hundreds of other sites are here for the asking.

Watch the BBC Television News: Requires the Real Player and a full internet connection to see.

Listen to music: 97X The Future of Rock and Roll.
Such quality programming as to make you feel like you've found an artesian well after crawling across the desert. Finally, fresh radio. It takes months for dribbles of this music to finally show up in the heavily automated local radio market.

Web Comics:

Read The Daily Comics: Courtesy of The Washington Post.

Talk to Alison: An ALICE-based chatbot with a nice interface. You can quickly figure out she's not a person, but sooner or later (probably later) this won't be so easy. [New!]

Read Bizarre Magazine Online: A sampler of this strange British magazine. Not for all tastes, but good for broadening one's horizons. Try the newsstand edition.

Tour The Galaxy On The Starship Titanic: By Douglas Adams. Feel free to read your complementary copy of this quonth's Galactic StarTraveller Magazine while touring.

Download A Game: The Happy Puppy Games Site has hundreds to choose from.


Another reason why your mouth tastes bad in the morning

         According to a recent study, flush toilets are not quite as sanitary as we've been led to believe. Apparently when a toilet is flushed, a fine aerosol mist of urine, feces and water is blasted into the air and can take up to two hours to settle on any exposed surfaces.

         Like your toothbrush.


They should have bought the paintings....

         Another one from the world of the might-have-been. Once upon a time, there was a young Austrian who wanted to become a famous painter. He worked very hard at it, painting some 2,000 - 3,000 pictures; houses and landscapes mostly, since he'd been told he couldn't do people very well. He just couldn't make a go of it though. Critics dismissed his hard work as peurile and untalented and there just wasn't a market for his art. So he had to find a different line of work.

         Now there is an online exhibit of some of his paintings, hosted by a Hungarian university library. You can see for yourself what young Adolf Hitler spent his time on.


Archived Bizarre Facts


Do you need to leave town? In a hurry? Low on cash? Look no further, your answer is here.

Seaside Book And Stamp: The best used SF books in town, and the friendliest service.

Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope: Where you will find the true answers to all manner of strange questions. This site contains the most recent 52 weeks of reclusive genius Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope newspaper column. Recommended reading.

Home Pages Of Some People I Know

In alphabetical order:
Norman L. DeForest: A computer Merlin whose legerdemain with electrons and silicon is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His speech-friendly site features many interesting links and some useful utility downloads.

Jerry Katz: Perhaps better known as Umba Da Standing Free. His site, Nonduality is an exploration of the Absolute told in a disarming and accessible style. The first person I know personally to have gotten his own domain. Too cool.

Janet MacKay: You pronounced it "mahk-EYE" if you knew what was good for you. She was a sweet person otherwise. Gone, but not forgotten.


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