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Look here for the most advanced theoretical and practical links I can find. Updated as I stumble across new ones.


The Universe...

And Everything.

The Human Genome Project:
Mapping of the entire human genetic structure will bring about monumental change. Find out what's going on here.

The Endangered Species Home Page:
For Canada and the United States. [New!]

The Keck Center Research Areas:
In the W. M. Keck Center for Computational Biology at Rice University, Houston, Texas. Explore the cutting edge research in this new field. Academics may find some useful software downloads here. Requires a frames-capable browser: e.g. Navigator 2.01 or better.

Web access to the database of NMR-derived protein structures developed by the University of Wisconsin at Madison. An NIH information service currently containing 912 variants of 208 proteins.

Molecules R US:
An NIH search utility for the Brookhaven Protein DataBank. Results may be returned in a number of different formats. Helper program downloads for these are available here.

NASA's Ames Research Center
is worth bookmarking. If you think NASA just does rockets, look here and learn.

The Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
is where you can find out about things like ubiquitous computing and nanotechnology from the corporate engineering side.

The McKendree Paper on Nanotechnology.
"Implications of Molecular Nanotechnology Technical Performance Parameters on Previously Defined Space System Architectures" by Thomas Lawrence McKendree.

BE AFRAID. The Meaning of Deep Blue's Victory:
Article by Charles Krauthammer on the ramifications of Garry Kasparov's loss in the chess match of the century.

Los Alamos National Laboratory e-Print Archive:
Featuring the latest papers submitted to LANL on physics, mathematics, non-linear sciences, and computation and language. [New!]

The MIT MediaLab
is an excellent source of information on what some of the world's top thinkers are up to.

The Levity Site
is where theory and practice meet in a dynamic site supporting home pages by advanced thinking sorts.

The Digital Village
was a place designed by Douglas Adams and others of like mind. Now it stands as a memorial to its founder.

The Well
has home pages and online conferences of and for thinking types. Membership fee to join, but browsing is free.

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